IB+ND ® Vac

Bangla GumboroVac®

Intermediate-Plus strain of IBDV

Live freeze-dried Vaccine against Infectious bursal disease (Gumboro).


Bangla GumboroVac is a freeze-dried vaccine containing live Intermediate strain of IBDV.

Active components per dose: Live Intermediate-plus BMB 15/07 strain of IBDV:  103.5 EID50 per dose

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Bangla® IB+ND Vac


 is a live attenuated vaccine against Infectious Bronchitis and Newcastle Disease in chickens.


Composition                     : Bangla® IB+ND Vac is a freeze-dried vaccine containing a combination of the Massachusetts strain of Infectious Bronchitis virus and the Live Lentogenic F strain of Newcastle Disease virus. The freeze-dried pellet contains stabilizers and antibiotic.


Formulation                     : A freeze-dried pellet.


Indications                       : Immunization of healthy chickens against Infectious Bronchitis and Newcastle Disease.


Vaccination Programs : The vaccine is safe to use from day 1 of age onwards. The optimum time and method of administration and re-vaccination depends largely upon the local situation. But usually primary vaccination should be done at 3-5 days of age and secondary vaccination should be done at 18-24 days of age.


Dosage                              : One drop/dose per bird.
Method of administration: The vaccine can be administered by ocular or nasal instillation or through the drinking water.


Intranasal/Intraocular instillation:

Dissolve the vaccine in supplied solvent or deionized water (Usually 5 ml for 100 doses, 11 ml for 300 doses, 17 ml for 500 doses and 33 ml for 1000 doses) and administered by supplied standardized dropper. One drop should be applied from a height of a few centimeters into one nostril or one eye.


Drinking Water:

Dissolve the 500 or 1000 doses of vaccines in supplied solvent.


(Note: Administration by the ocular/nasal route gives the best response. These should be the method of choice especially when vaccinating young birds).


Withholding period          : None


Presentation                      : Vials of 500 and 1000 doses in packs of 10 vials.


Storage                              : Store between 2-80C in the dark.


Contra-indications           : When used according to instructions: none.


Further information        : √ Reconstituted vaccine should be used within two hours.

√ The use of the vaccine can cause temporary conjunctivitis of the operator.

√ Avoid exposure to the vaccine virus as much as possible (e.g. by wearing a face mask).

√ The vaccine viruses spread readily to contact chickens.

√ Dispose of empty or part used vials in accordance with local regulations.



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