Bangla Duck Plague Vac®

Bangla Duck Plague Vac®

Bangla Duck Plague Vac®

Duck plague virus

Live freeze-dried Vaccine against Duck Plague disease.


Bangla Duck Plague Vac®

Active component per dose: Each dose contains at least 103 EID50 of Duck plague virus.

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Bangla Duck Plague Vac®

Bangla Duck Plague vac is a live attenuated vaccine against Duck Plague
Composition Active component per dose: Each dose contains at least 103 EID50 of Duck plague virus
Formulation A freeze-dried pellet
Target species Ducks



Duck plague vaccine is mainly used for both primary and booster vaccination of ducks against Duck plague disease. It may also be used for the emergency vaccination of healthy birds in flocks where the disease is present, as it can be useful in limiting the spread of the disease.






Vaccination programme

# Low risk areas:

– Initial vaccination at 3-4 weeks of age by subcutaneous or intramuscular injection when field challenge is mild or absent, no ducklings had detectable levels of maternal antibody. Booster vaccine at 8 weeks of age.

# High risk areas:

– Vaccination can be carried out from day-old onwards. Birds with maternal antibodies should be revaccinated as soon as maternal immunity has declined, e.g. at 4 weeks of age or later.

– The optimum age for vaccination to ducklings originated from vaccinated parent to duck plague vaccine might be at day 21 or 28 and ducklings originated from non-vaccinated parent at day 14 or 21 instead of usual schedule of day 28.

# Re-vaccination every 4-6 monthly is recommended.

Dosage 0.5 ml injected S/C or I/M


Method of administration

The freeze dried vaccine should be reconstituted with the accompanying diluent (poultry freeze-dried) using 50 ml for 100 doses,  150 ml for 300 doses, 250 ml for 500 doses of vaccine. 0.5 ml of reconstituted vaccine should be given by subcutaneous or intramuscular injection. Once diluted, the vaccine should be used within two hours. Any unused vaccine should be discarded after this time.
Withdrawal period Twenty-one day, before slaughter.


– Muscovy and possibly mallard duck may be hypersensitive. Reactions may appear during and first week after vaccination.

– Use of vaccination in free-living waterfowl is not recommended.

  ·         Only healthy birds should be vaccinated.

  • It is advisable to vaccinate all the susceptible fowls on the farm at the same time.

·         Use all the opened vaccine at the same time

  • Do not store partially used vaccine containers for future use.
  • Do not mix the vaccine with other vaccines/medicinal products.

·         Ensure that vaccination equipment is clean and sterile before use

Storage Store between 2-8oC, protected from sun light, never freezing.
Presentation Vials containing 100, 300 or 500 doses of freeze-dried vaccine.


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