Bangla FMD Vac®

Bangla FMD Vac®

Selected local strains of FMD Virus

Water in oil emulsified Inactivated Tissue culture Trivalent Vaccine against Foot and mouth disease.


Bangla FMD Vac contains inactivated local isolates of FMD Virus including serotypes O, A and Asia-1. These isolates are typical of field strains And produce strong, long-lasting immunity against FMD Viral infection.As these isolates are inactivated, there is no chance to initiate vaccine-induced infection.

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Bangla FMD Vac®

Bangla FMD Vac is an inactivated tissue culture vaccine against Foot and Mouth Disease (serotype O, A and Asia-1)
Composition Active components per dose:

Serotype O contain 150 μg

Serotype A contain 150 μg

Serotype Asia-1 contain 150 μg

Formulation Aluminium hydroxide gel with mineral oil
Target species Cattle, buffalo, sheep and goat
Indication The vaccine is indicated for the prevention of animals (Cattle, buffalo, sheep and goat) against Foot and Mouth Disease. Vaccination should be done around the outbreak area.
Vaccination Programme Primary Vaccination                   : 2 months of age onwards

First Revaccination Subsequent : 2-4 weeks after  primary                 vaccination

Revaccination                             : every 4-6 monthly


Dosage Cattle, buffalo & calves : 2 ml

Sheep & goat                 : 1 ml

Method of administration Intramuscularly in the thigh muscle or subcutaneously in lower part of the neck through an area of clean, dry skin with precautions taken against contamination.
Withholding period None
Presentation Bangla FMD Vac is available in vials of 10 ml & 30 ml glass bottle ,closed with rubber stopper and sealed with a coded aluminium cap
Storage Store between 2-8°C and avoid freezing.

Opened vials should be used within three hours.

Maintain cool chain.

Contraindications and Warnings When used according to instructions: None
Further Information Dispose of empty or part-used vials in accordance with local regulations


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